Pharmacist Pete Spalitto Gets His Life Back by Adding ScriptPro Robot

Pharmacist Pete Spalitto Gets His Life Back by Adding ScriptPro Robot

Most successful companies want to increase productivity, decrease errors in daily work, and reduce employee stress. One pharmacy found a way to accomplish all these things by implementing ScriptPro automation.

Spalitto’s Pharmacy has been in Kansas City for 70 years. Pete Spalitto, R.Ph., is the third generation and his store has a loyal customer base. Prescription volume began to rise when a few pharmacies in the area closed. Additional business is usually a positive thing, but Spalitto’s was struggling to keep up with the rapid growth. Spalitto says,

“My customers noticed that I wasn’t smiling because I was so busy. I needed a way to help my long-term employees by taking the stress off them and still be able to take in additional business. So I decided to automate.”

He looked at other automation products but realized that some have no track record, others you can’t calibrate the cells on-site, and their customer service was questionable. He asked other pharmacists their opinion and ScriptPro was always recommended.

“After installation of the robot, I went from having one pharmacist and two techs filling prescriptions to one pharmacist and one tech. The second tech does all the other tasks that need to be done—follow up with doctors, clean old stock off the shelves, restock greeting cards, etc. We can be a lot more productive … and with less stress. Our store was better from day one after installing the SP 200. Working with it is like going from a typewriter to a computer,” says Spalitto.

Very satisfied with his decision, Spalitto notes,

“Since ScriptPro, I have a life. I’m taking my family on two vacations this year; I never would have done that before ScriptPro. From start to finish in the process, every department I talk to at ScriptPro is A-1.”