Making the Case for Automation to Elements Magazine

Making the Case for Automation to Elements Magazine

ScriptPro CEO Mike Coughlin sat down with a staff writer at Elements recently to discuss the changing nature of the pharmacy industry and to share the practical benefits of pharmacy automation. “If you look at business in general,” Coughlin says, “—not just pharmacies – you see the importance of finding ways to automate so people can focus on higher level tasks.”

Read the full article here: Rethinking Robotics: Automation for Independent Pharmacies.

Coughlin describes non-automated pharmacy environments he has seen, saying, “There’s a certain amount of chaos in a pharmacy that does not have automation. You’ve got pharmacists and techs running around, picking things up, getting interrupted, and coming back to start over. There are stock bottles, counting trays and tablets sitting on the counter. The telephone is ringing. There are patients waiting, some of whom are getting impatient. You put a robot in the same environment and all of a sudden the work just flows through quicker. Nobody has to tell the robot what to do. It just automatically does the job.”

Coughlin emphasizes the value to a pharmacy staff of being freed up to focus on people. “The pharmacies that succeed in the future will … be seeing themselves less as glorified inventory control clerks and more as providers of knowledge.”

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