SP Central Pharmacy Management System Brings Indispensable Improvements to Live Oaks Pharmacy

SP Central Pharmacy Management System Brings Indispensable Improvements to Live Oaks Pharmacy

Reggie Singh, R.Ph., Owner of Live Oak Pharmacy in Live Oak, CA, uses SP Central Pharmacy Management System to streamline his pharmacy practice and lower costs. Reggie feels the system adds value to his pharmacy, so he has implemented it in several stores.

According to Singh, SP Central Pharmacy Management offers many features that make processes easier, yet much more secure, because every step is tracked. It groups the patient’s order together during data entry, technician filling, pharmacist verification, and point of sale to ensure all the prescriptions stay together and leave with the patient. It also gives a detailed status for each prescription within the patient order, such as On Hold for Prior Authorization, Refill Too Soon, Partial Fill, Out of Stock, Verified, or Waiting in Will Call bins.

Further detailing ScriptPro’s improvements to his pharmacy practice, Singh says,

“It is so easy to run dual or multiple inventories, such as 340B, because inventory management happens behind the scenes. Each script is assigned an inventory, i.e. 340B or regular, at the point of entry.”

And, at the end of the month the pharmacy receives a report showing all 340B prescriptions as well as prescriptions from regular inventory.

Other reports are extremely useful as well. SP Central Pharmacy Management runs reports that give Singh visibility into his business—such as, what percent of patients are Medicaid, how many new patients were added that month, did he get results from an advertisement he ran, and is there shrinkage? Reports allow him to see how his business is growing, and gives him more time to work on any pressing issues because of the work ScriptPro accomplishes.

Taking care of inventory is another indispensable aspect of the ScriptPro system. Singh says,

“SP Central has a perpetual inventory system that is very efficient, streamlined, and automatic. When an order is sent to the wholesaler but the wholesaler sends a substitute drug, the substitute will automatically transmit to the record of the ordered drug. SP Central then moves the min/max levels to the new product. No product will be uploaded if it isn’t received. We can easily look up the item number to see that we received a substitution since the items are linked together automatically by ScriptPro’s inventory module.”

ScriptPro has gained a valuable customer and strong supporter of pharmacy automation at Live Oaks Pharmacy. Singh says pharmacies have to get technology. He adds,

“Technology lowers your costs. In the old days before computers, a pharmacy would max out at 100 prescriptions per day. Pharmacists who didn’t add a computer didn’t make it. You have to embrace technology now or you will be like the pharmacist who wouldn’t get a computer.”