Emerging Technologies Help Predict the Future of Pharmacy in Recent Computer Talk Article

Emerging Technologies Help Predict the Future of Pharmacy in Recent Computer Talk Article

As with most of today’s businesses, emerging technology is playing an ever increasing role in the future of pharmacy. According to a recent Computer Talk article, some of the most crucial technology on the forefront for 2015 will be adherence management tools, outbound messaging, business intelligence and reporting tools, workflow, and continuity-of-care tools.

ScriptPro CEO Mike Coughlin says, “I see a need for pharmacies to focus on systems and tools to promote patient medication adherence through integration of health-system and retail pharmacy activities across the continuum of care.”

Among these emerging technologies, Computer Talk says, “Adherence will continue to be at the core of engaging patients in 2015. This is due to the impact that adherence has on outcomes and the importance of pharmacy performance metrics, both of which continue to be top of mind across the profession.”

Some of the issues driving adherence will be synchronized refills, counseling, continuity of care, dashboard adherence metrics for pharmacists, compliance packaging, push messaging to smart devices and text messaging, patient calls, and predictive modeling.

Other top emerging technologies to impact pharmacy performance measures mentioned in the article will be prescription synchronization, patient communication, including mobile, data management/analysis and business intelligence tools, dashboarded metrics/reporting of key measures, and MTM tool integration.

According to Computer Talk, all of these technologies will be the ways in which pharmacies will survive and thrive so that they can continue to demonstrate the value of pharmacy to the healthcare system.

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