Matt’s Conclusion about Using SP Central Workflow and Investing in Technology

Matt’s Conclusion about Using SP Central Workflow and Investing in Technology

This week, Matt Mallinson discusses purchasing the SP Central Workflow System to work in conjunction with his SP 200 robot. Matt says the robot accurately fills 50-55% of his prescription volume. The SP Central Workflow System tracks an additional 45% of his volume, greatly reducing the margin of error on all prescriptions. He also notes the machine will only provide a barcode if the product that’s chosen is correct, which cuts down on mistakes.

Matt has seen other independent stores and even one chain store in his area go out of business. To succeed, he needs to keep up with increasing volume while reducing overhead per prescription. Knowing that volume will continue to rise, and insurance companies will be giving them less money, having automation in place without having to increase staff makes the most sense for his business.

When asked why he continued to invest in technology while experiencing decreasing margins and Medicaid cuts, Matt says,

“As we know, we pharmacies have to find ways to control and lower our cost of doing business. And we need to increase productivity without sacrificing patient care. Technology has allowed us to lower our cost of doing business, to do more prescriptions more efficiently, and it has allowed us to serve the public better. We save time, we save money, we serve the people better, and we do things right.”

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