CEO Mike Coughlin on Health IT Innovation

CEO Mike Coughlin on Health IT Innovation

In a recent Crain’s Cleveland Business article, the topic of health IT innovation was highlighted. A number of HIMSS Innovation Center collaborators, including ScriptPro CEO Mike Coughlin, gave their take on meeting demand for leading-edge services. Mike shared his thoughts on how ScriptPro is reinventing the role of ambulatory pharmacies by providing a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize pharmacy operations.

Mike noted that huge investments made in electronic medical record infrastructure are largely oriented to the inpatient environment. In many cases,

“Retail and outpatient pharmacies are given very little in the way of space, IT resources, and budget,”

Mike said.

“This is not compatible with the need to support patients who are in various transitions of care and who, along with their caregivers, need assistance that takes into account their capabilities, financial resources, and time limitations.”

“Ambulatory medicine – oriented to helping patients lead healthy, productive lives in the community – is becoming a primary focus of today’s healthcare system,”

Mike stated.

“Health system leaders can increase their recognition of the value of ambulatory medicine by investing in the systems needed to provide retail outpatient pharmacy services.”

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