CRS 150 Dispensing Robot Takes Up Minimal Space but Provides Maximum Value

CRS 150 Dispensing Robot Takes Up Minimal Space but Provides Maximum Value

We understand not all pharmacies have the square footage to accommodate a sizable robot occupying valuable floor space. ScriptPro created the Compact Robotic System (CRS) product line to include dispensing robot sizes for compact pharmacy spaces. The CRS 150 is truly compact, taking up only 9.5 sq. ft. This robot is small but mighty!

According to Bart Caldieraro, R.Ph., owner of Watson’s Drug Store, before he’s flipped on the lights in his pharmacy each morning, his CRS 150 has already filled 30 to 40 prescriptions. This gives him and his staff a head start, which reduces pressure and gives him more time to focus on patient care.

He says, “I value the reliability of ScriptPro products, the space-saving features of the CRS 150, and the great customer service.”

Here are just a few of the key attributes that make the CRS 150 dispensing robot invaluable:

  • Automates the repetitive, manual tasks most subject to human error.
  • Interfaces with the pharmacy management system to fill, label, and deliver up to 150 prescriptions per hour.
  • Barcodes are used throughout the process for accuracy and quality control.
  • Contains 150 universal dispensing cells, which are easily calibrated on-site by pharmacy staff.
  • Fills directly from the dispensing cell into the vial, so there is no drug cross-contamination.

The CRS 150 dispensing robot requires access from the front of the cabinet only, allowing shelving to be placed against the remaining three sides of the unit. A built-in workspace gives staff a convenient place for cell replenishment and overflow storage.

Don’t let space be a barrier to the time and money savings, efficiency, and safety-focused advantages that come with ScriptPro automation.