Grocery Stores with Pharmacies Offer Convenience and More

Grocery Stores with Pharmacies Offer Convenience and More

If you need to pick up groceries and prescriptions, why make two stops? People these days care very much about convenience, but they also want to know that the pharmacy they are utilizing is dependable.Without pharmacies in the store, grocers risk losing those higher margin OTCs, food staples, and convenience items to the mass pharmacy on the corner.

Because pharmacists are one of the highest paid professionals on a grocer’s payroll, store owners need to maximize the pharmacist’s skills in the most profitable ways possible. Robotic technology automates repetitive tasks behind the counter, enabling pharmacists to build customer relationships.

“Utilizing robotics behind the pharmacy counter to ramp up pharmacist-customer relationships can bring big gains to a grocer’s bottom line,” says Brian Glaves, director of sales for ScriptPro.

ScriptPro also offers the CRS robotic line which has the smallest footprint with big productivity. Within just 7-square-feet, 30 to 60 percent of a store’s prescription volume can be accurately, efficiently and reliably dispensed.If your grocery store is limited on space, our CRS line is a great choice.

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