New Logo & Identity Mark Launched

New Logo & Identity Mark Launched

In May 2016 we released a new Logo and Identity Mark for ScriptPro. These images convey that ScriptPro has grown from its inception in 1994 as a pioneer in pharmacy robotics, to providing complete systems that operate ambulatory pharmacy programs.

We are taking huge steps, systematically and reliably, to help advance healthcare to a higher level. ScriptPro is becoming a fundamental engine of the healthcare revolution.

ScriptPro Logo
The New Look

The Sans Serif font is modern and efficient. Its slightly forward leaning profile represents our progress and dynamic look toward the future. The friendly and accessible typeface shows our business values.

The two-tone blue mark has positive energy, representing ScriptPro’s “can do” attitude and reinforcing a concept of “we get it done!”

The images reflect the values, hard work, and dedication of our people as we move ScriptPro forward into an exciting future!