Pharmacist-Customer Connection is Key to Loyalty

Pharmacist-Customer Connection is Key to Loyalty

Recently, Drug Store News reviewed the results of a Change Healthcare study of 15 million consumer prescription records to answer the question every pharmacy owner or manager has asked at least once – why do some consumers remain loyal for years while others disappear? Based on their findings, there are three areas you may need to improve on – and ScriptPro systems help improve the pharmacist-customer connection.

Pharmacist Tom Gierwatoski counsels customers.

Improving Customer Engagement

“When consumers feel a connection to a pharmacy that is based on accountability and mutual trust, they are much more likely to return.”

Freeing up time in order to build genuine connections with your customer base can be difficult. Employing the use of robotics not only gives you the peace of mind that prescriptions are being filled accurately, but it is also saving precious time you and your staff can use to connect with pharmacy customers.

Improving Medication Adherence

“Pharmacies that design strategies to improve refill rates stand to improve both patient health and their bottom line.”

Implementing automation processes to help with adherence can save time as well as take the guess work out of refilling prescriptions. ScriptPro offers auto-fill functionality including texting reminders to our pharmacy software. Auto-fill allows pharmacy staff to enroll prescriptions on a script-by-script basis, making it easier on both staff and patients to refill their prescriptions. Patients can be enrolled for texting alerts to remind them when they are due for a refill or if it is already filled and ready.

If pharmacy customers prefer to initiate their own refills, ScriptPro offers a variety of methods they can use: RefillPro app, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Web Refill Patient Portal (WRPP). All methods empower patients to initiate refills anytime, anywhere!

Improving the Bottom Line

“Identifying opportunities to reduce medication costs is a highly effective way of building trust while also making it easier for patients to continue purchasing their medications.”

Customers expect excellent service and competitive prices, regardless of what type of store they are shopping in. Identifying ways for your customers to save money, while giving them the best customer service, will keep them coming back for more. ScriptPro’s Industry Data Resources team works closely with the industry in order to have the latest and greatest prescription payment cards already loaded into our pharmacy software. This ultimately saves time for the pharmacy staff as they aren’t having to add a new plan from scratch and, most importantly, saves the patient money.

“Ultimately, consumers need a partner in their pharmacy. Connection drives loyalty and accountability for maintaining health.”

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