Pharmacy Gains One-On-One Time for Patients through Robotics

Pharmacy Gains One-On-One Time for Patients through Robotics

Pharmacist-owner Tom Gierwatoski opened Platte Valley Pharmacy in 2013, serving the patients of Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton, CO.

While beginning as a small, low volume pharmacy operation, Gierwatoski was thinking about the future.

“By the time we were filling 120 daily prescriptions, I recognized we were going to outgrow our current staffing model. While 120 prescriptions is still a pretty low volume, it was the right time to start looking into pharmacy technology and automation. As a pharmacy owner, you have to consider not just where you are now, but where you want to be in the future.”

The future turned out to include ScriptPro automation. In choosing the right company, Gierwatoski felt feedback from peers was key. “I’d attend tradeshows and listen to robot customers at different vendor booths. ScriptPro customers were happy and spent their time talking to staff about additional products in the ScriptPro pipeline, rather than, ‘I’m having issues.’ There was a positive vibe, and I like how all their robots are still out working in the field – a one-time purchase versus a fill-in-the-gap product.”

In 2016, the pharmacy settled in a new, larger location within Platte Valley Medical Center – and experienced dramatic growth in their durable medical equipment as well as many other patient-facing services. Gierwatoski directly attributed much of this to the use of ScriptPro robotics.

“My staff is able to spend a significantly larger portion of time and interaction with patients – helping them choose products that are right for them.”

One of the biggest advantages they’ve seen is that by using their ScriptPro CRS robot to fill approximately 50% of their prescriptions, staff spends significantly more time with patients performing tasks like fitting for diabetic shoes, and selling durable medical equipment including braces, orthotics, and supplies.