Pharmacy Management System Technology Evaluation Guide Assists Pharmacies in Choosing Systems Critical for Success

Pharmacy Management System Technology Evaluation Guide Assists Pharmacies in Choosing Systems Critical for Success

ScriptPro’s Technology Evaluation Guide: Pharmacy Management Systems is intended as a reference guide for evaluating pharmacy management software. This Guide can serve as a starting point for your educational process, and will help you make an informed purchase.

Consider the following factors when selecting a pharmacy management system and the automation vendor that stands behind it. We also provide some questions you may want to have answered before making a decision based on your needs for a pharmacy management system.

Script Data Entry—Safety and Efficiency:

  • Does the system automatically link brand drugs to generic equivalents?
  • Can the system detect a duplicate script/therapy for the prescription prior to submission?

Processing Exceptions and Claims:

  • Can the system automatically submit a patient’s prescription claim to multiple insurance plans?
  • Does the system offer queue management and faxing for doctor, insurance, and refill authorizations?

Prescription Billing and Pricing:

  • Can the system bill for one or many compound ingredients based on what the payer accepts for compound billing?
  • Can the system associate a third-party plan to a specific price table or inventory, such as 340B?

Prescription Filling—Safety and Efficiency:

  • Does the system automatically print auxiliary warnings, a line drawing, and a description of the drug on the label?
  • Do medication guides print automatically for new or refill prescriptions?

Point-of-Sale Process:

  • Can an entire order be dispensed by scanning a batch barcode instead of having to scan individual barcodes for each prescription?
  • Does the system integrate debit/credit card processing?

Inventory Management:

  • Can the system phase out an inventory item and replace it with another inventory item?
  • Does the system allow you to maintain inventory for retail items?

Service and Support:

  • Does the pharmacy management system operate as a single platform integrated with robotics, workflow, IVR, and Point-of-Sale functions rather than requiring interfaces with these systems?
  • Is the system vendor your single point of contact to support the entire system?


  • Does the vendor take responsibility for the data conversion process?
  • Will the vendor convert at least two years of data?


  • Does the vendor offer a patient/ADT interface?
  • Does the vendor offer an electronic prescriber interface?

Listed above are some of the main topics discussed in ScriptPro’s Technology Evaluation Guide for pharmacy management systems, along with key questions to answer before you make a decision. View the complete guide, which we believe will be very useful in your decision-making process.