ProCare Pharmacy Expands Clinical Services with Help from ScriptPro APCS

ProCare Pharmacy Expands Clinical Services with Help from ScriptPro APCS

This is part of ScriptPro’s In the Field series, which highlights ScriptPro customers engaging in unique programs that positively impact their local communities.

ProCare Pharmacy needed a better way to manage their specialty and chronic care patients. The retail pharmacy in Garden Grove, CA, turned to ScriptPro’s Therapy Management Solutions to automate and expand much needed clinical services. “We are a key provider in our local community. Our manual processes for managing programs were time-consuming – and that was impacting our patients,” states Angelline Dao, PharmD, a member of ProCare Pharmacy’s specialty department.The pharmacy had been managing its clinical patient programs with a combination of Excel spreadsheets, PDF forms, and calendar reminders. Manual notifications had to be created for reminders and refills, with multi-page PDF files needing regular updates for each patient. Dao notes, “We made it work, but it limited our ability to grow services. What we really needed was a tool that could automate everything. ProCare Pharmacy fills 1,000-1,500 prescriptions each day. Ripe for growth opportunities, ScriptPro experts worked closely with the

Implementing ScriptPro’s Advanced Pharmacy Clinical Services (APCS) helped ProCare Pharmacy successfully achieve URAC accreditation.

pharmacy to implement ScriptPro’s Advanced Pharmacy Clinical Services (APCS), which helped ProCare successfully achieve URAC accreditation in 2018. Dao shares, “We launched ScriptPro APCS, and it really does it all! It saves me a lot of time – we’re able to export data instantly and see exactly how many patients are taking which medications. Most importantly, we can see whether or not patients are adherent to their treatment regimen.” The system has also dramatically streamlined workflow, according to Dao. Program protocols, along with task lists and calendars, allow pharmacy staff to plan daily and weekly tasks proactively. “ScriptPro APCS benefits pharmacists and patients alike.” Dao points out that ScriptPro APCS goes well beyond just benefiting pharmacy staff. “It’s good for our patients, too, because they get the timely follow up they need.” She highlights Prolia, a prescription medication to treat osteoporosis. For many of ProCare’s patients, it’s difficult for them to remember when they are approaching the 6-month mark for their next Prolia injection. “ScriptPro APCS allows me to schedule patients for follow up, and to keep them on track with their treatment.”

“APCS brings incredible convenience to our process. It’s easy to use and records everything. Templates for counseling, assessments, and reassessments come with all the questions already baked in. Data is easy to export whether for analysis or audits.”

Embracing technology highlights pharmacists’ vital role in patient care. As an integral team player of a centralized health clinic that offers comprehensive medical services in Garden Grove, ProCare Pharmacy embraces what’s on the horizon for pharmacists. Rapidly expanding opportunities for pharmacists as front line healthcare providers draw a new breed of pharmacy school graduates. Dao is herself a recent graduate from The University of Toledo, OH, and joined ProCare Pharmacy in 2017. She beams, “The specialty pharmacy field is very challenging! You constantly learn about new treatments, and get access to lab work and results of those treatments. Then, you are right there to witness the outcomes of the patient care you’re providing. It’s a highly rewarding field. You absolutely need the backing of technology and integrated clinical software in order to offer the top line service patients require and deserve.