ScriptPro Community Connection Partners with Local Customer

ScriptPro Community Connection Partners with Local Customer

Swope Health is a Kansas City-area community health clinic, serving patients since 1969. Its mission is to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. One of its many programs is a Champs program for children who face numerous challenges, including physical and verbal aggression, impulsivity, maintaining focus in the classroom, suspensions, struggles with depression, and homicidal or suicidal thoughts. Every year, Swope Health throws a holiday party for the children and their case workers. This is where ScriptPro stepped in.

A perfect fit

When ScriptPro employees were surveyed on volunteering preferences at the start of 2018, working with children was near the top of the list. In near perfect timing, just as the Community Connection Steering Committee was starting to discuss community partners for our Q4 event, Swope Health reached out to discuss their yearly initiatives. It was obvious the annual Champs Holiday Party would be the perfect fit. Not only would we be able to serve a deserving group of children in our community, but it also allowed us the opportunity to partner with a local customer. ScriptPro pharmacy automation solutions have been in Swope Health Center Pharmacy since 2009.

To make this the best holiday party the Champs kids had ever seen, #TeamScriptPro got right to work. Employees donated toys for the children, holiday decorations, and monetary funds. To make the donation drive interesting, employees “voted” with their toys, supplies, and cash to get a member of management to dress in a Frozen Olaf onesie for a day. This fun competition helped us collect over 200 presents! Customer Service VP Tony Goble was the lucky Olaf wearer and a great sport!

Three shifts were offered to employees to volunteer. Our first shift was on the ScriptPro campus on December 18, and employees used their creative energy to create 3D snowflakes, paper chains, wall murals, craft kits, and more, all while getting to spend time with coworkers. On December 19, ScriptPro overtook Swope Health’s activity rooms and turned them into a winter wonderland! Additional ScriptPro staff ran the holiday party, allowing for Swope Health employees to enjoy the party right alongside the children. Kids had nine stations they could visit, like cookie decorating, karaoke, a photo booth, and, the most popular station, snowman bowling! A great time was had by all! Amy Kuhnlein, Manager of Business Development and Community Affairs at Swope Health, commented, “It was so great to see the kids laughing and getting to really be kids for a little while, which is not something they always have the opportunity to do. Interaction with the ScriptPro team was good for them – to see positive and encouraging adults.”

Ending our first year of Community Connection serving local children, while partnering with the generous staff at Swope Health, was the perfect way to wrap up the year. Be sure to check back soon to see what we have planned for 2019!

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