ScriptPro IDR Team Provides Comprehensive Drug Data, Monitors Latest Regulations

ScriptPro IDR Team Provides Comprehensive Drug Data, Monitors Latest Regulations

ScriptPro’s Industry Data Resources (IDR) department is a multi-faceted team that includes drug data and third party insurance experts, regulatory affairs specialists, as well as photographers and image editors. The IDR team provides high-quality, comprehensive, and integrated data for the deployment of our robotics-enabled systems.

ScriptPro’s Drug Database

ScriptPro Drug Database Pill Images

ScriptPro’s Drug Database covers all brands and generics in the industry.

IDR maintains ScriptPro’s proprietary Drug Database through numerous resources, including working with pharmaceutical manufacturers directly via our Pharmaceutical Industry Relations team. The ScriptPro Drug Database supports the highest standards of quality for safe and effective medication use, while providing the most current data ranging from prescription drugs, OTC products, nutraceuticals, and supply items.

Included with ScriptPro’s drug data is a vast library of high quality images used across our product line. IDR utilizes many methods to acquire images for use in our Drug Database, including photographing drug product on-site at pharmacies and drug distribution centers. By photographing drug product ourselves, ScriptPro ensures accurately represented images that are up-to-date. Drug images are professionally edited to present consistent formatting and clarity, providing an additional line of defense against prescription dispensing errors.

ScriptPro’s Third Party Insurance Database

IDR also builds, maintains, and deploys an extensive third party insurance database that forms the basis of our pharmacy claims engine. Our Third Party team includes industry experts and members of NCPDP that ensure our pharmacy management system’s claims processing adheres to the most current, required industry standards. This team troubleshoots processing issues, maps insurance plan data for our new customers, and monitors the insurance landscape for ongoing maintenance of our data.

ScriptPro Drug Database Drug Query

ScriptPro’s Drug Query can identify a drug by its color, shape, or markings.

Monitoring Industry-wide Regulatory Changes

IDR’s Regulatory team performs wide-ranging industry surveillance to ensure not only that our products are compliant with state and federal requirements, but also to provide awareness of regulatory changes to our customers. The Regulatory team works with numerous oversight agencies, including Boards of Pharmacy, prescription drug monitoring programs, vendors, and legislative bodies to proactively align our team to deliver compliant products and to appropriately inform our customers of coming changes.

ScriptPro IDR has its finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing pharmacy landscape. It’s our priority to help the thousands of pharmacies using ScriptPro automation to dispense and verify medications with full confidence that they are working from accurate and timely drug data – ensuring they are empowered to provide the best quality care to their patients.