ScriptPro is a Ryan White 340B Friend Level Benefactor

ScriptPro is a Ryan White 340B Friend Level Benefactor

ScriptPro is proud to announce that we are a Ryan White 340B (RWC-340B) Friend Level Benefactor. The RWC-340B Benefactor Program provides organizations that do not offer direct patient care an opportunity to support the coalition’s mission.

What is 340B?

The federal 340B Drug Discount Program is a lifeline that allows safety net providers, including HIV/AIDS clinics receiving funding through the Ryan White program, to obtain prescription drugs at below-retail prices. Learn more here.  

How is ScriptPro involved?

ScriptPro serves a wide base of pharmacy clients who utilize our ScriptPro 340B Management Package to manage the strict regulations around 340B. Mike Coughlin shared a general overview of how our SP Central Pharmacy Management System provides an end-to-end solution for 340B prescription processing. Our real-time prescription processing capabilities are what set ScriptPro’s solution apart from competitors, and we are proud of the innovation implemented to support our customers.    

“ScriptPro provides a comprehensive pharmacy management system that fully integrates robotics and mobile point of sale enabled solutions to improve accuracy, productivity and profitability in retail, contract, specialty and infusion pharmacies. Built-in 340B management processes automatically manage all 340B and other class-of-trade (WAC, GPO, Own Use) qualifying rules for covered entities and contract pharmacies in real time as prescriptions are adjudicated. Specialty pharmacy and chronic care management support are provided through an integrated, web-based clinical documentation and case management application. The system includes ScriptPro’s market leading revenue cycle application that manages third-party prescription revenues. ScriptPro offers assessment, negotiation and compliance management services for PBM and medical billing contracts along with strategic planning services that enable healthcare systems to maximize financial return from ambulatory pharmacy operations.” RWC-340B website