ScriptPro Pharmacy Solutions for FQHC

ScriptPro Pharmacy Solutions for FQHC

FQHC: Caring for the Community

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are key components of the health care safety net that provide primary medical care, immunizations and prevention, and much more, to over 25 million patients annually. They are the cornerstones of patient-centered care in diverse communities – offering access to high-quality healthcare services that improve overall public and community health.

Implementing Innovative Pharmacy Services

At ScriptPro, we believe in the important work of FQHCs, partnering with them to support implementation of a Pharmacy Services Program. Integrated, multi-disciplinary care that includes a Pharmacy Services Program:

  • Streamlines coordination of care for patients
  • Provides more capacity to educate and counsel
  • Increases patients’ ability to adhere to prescribed treatment courses
  • Grows revenue to support more programs

With a large number of chronically ill patients, the ability to both increase and track medication adherence is paramount to their long-term health. ScriptPro’s robust, powerful pharmacy solutions handle everything from automating prescription filling, managing and tracking 340B/virtual inventory, interfacing with patients’ EHR, and improving overall workflow and pharmacy software management.

“ScriptPro provides for improved workflow, automated functions, and inventory control. With better operational efficiency, we can focus on patient engagement.” — Mike Hattaway, R.Ph., Chief Pharmacist, Swope Health Services, a federally qualified health center in the heart of Kansas City, MO