ScriptPro’s Pharmacy Systems Assist Culturally Compassionate Healthcare Providers

ScriptPro’s Pharmacy Systems Assist Culturally Compassionate Healthcare Providers

According to a recent article in Inside Healthcare, Gila River Health Care (GRHC) is fully immersed in, and responsive to, the needs of the Native American communities it serves. ScriptPro is proud to provide the pharmacy systems that help make this successful.

The article details how GRHC’s physicians and staff need and want to know more than just the proper way to diagnose or treat an ailment. As the primary provider of healthcare services to the Gila River and Ak-chin Indian Communities, and the preferred provider for Native Americans from other Federally-recognized tribes in Arizona and beyond, GRHC needs to understand the culture and traditions of the people it serves. “The most important thing we have going for us is our true focus on care and ensuring we have a compassionate and kind environment,” CEO Dr. Lorrie Henderson says.

Technology is another area of focus for GRHC. The healthcare structure uses a number of systems within its operations including pharmacy systems technology solutions provided by ScriptPro. The ScriptPro system includes hardware and software used within the GRHC to process to dispense prescriptions.

ScriptPro has partnered with GRHC in utilizing industry-leading pharmacy systems to help it achieve better patient outcomes and make a profound difference for the patient population it serves. GRHC invested in its future with advanced technology and automation, allowing it to focus on providing outstanding patient services.

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