ScriptPro’s Workflow Automation Software Offers the Industry’s Most Advanced Prescription Processing System

ScriptPro’s Workflow Automation Software Offers the Industry’s Most Advanced Prescription Processing System

What should customers expect from workflow automation software? ScriptPro believes every aspect of a workflow system is critical and we strive to provide you with the right product to make your daily pharmacy operations as smooth, efficient, and seamless as possible.

ScriptPro’s SP Central Workflow System allows you to track 100% of the prescriptions in your pharmacy—so you know the “who, what, when, where, and why” of every prescription you process. ScriptPro’s enforced barcode scanning procedures ensure dispensing accuracy.

With SP Central Workflow, you can:

  • Track and report every step in the process, by operator.
  • Analyze “mis-scans,” by operator.
  • Handle exceptions, partial fills, and doctor authorizations.
  • Manage will call inventory with patient follow-up and return to stock procedures.
  • Enable mobile tracking and e-sig capture for delivery routes.
  • Systematically make OTC recommendations for patients.
  • Produce electronic reports for insurance audits.
  • Add telepharmacy package to integrate remote sites.

All of these critical workflow automation software tools help you free up time for your most important concern – taking care of your customers.

According to Arrow Prescription Centers

“We’ve used our SP 200 to get greater throughput. Now we’re getting our second robot and adding SP Central Workflow to bring tracking and safety to all our prescriptions.”

Some of the reasons ScriptPro stands out?

  • Commitment: We are 100% focused on providing unsurpassed technology that addresses the daily needs of community pharmacy.
  • Track Record: Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • Customer Service: All-inclusive “bumper-to-bumper” 24×7 coverage for a fixed monthly payment.
  • Reliability: Documented uptime of more than 99%. Implementation: Site planning and professional installation and training.
  • Safety: Robotic dispensing processes are free of drug particle emissions and cross-contamination. Positive barcode verification at every step. Integrated product line reduces stress and allows more time for patient interaction and counseling.
  • Responsibility: It’s all under one roof; we design, sell, manufacture, install, and support our systems.

Your workflow system will become the key to pharmacy operational efficiency and productivity if you make a wise decision in your choice of automation.