ScriptPro’s Workflow Software Provides Pharmacy with Key Tools to Streamline Daily Operations

ScriptPro’s Workflow Software Provides Pharmacy with Key Tools to Streamline Daily Operations

Since 1955, Bruce Smith Drugs has been serving the Kansas City area with continuous outstanding customer service. The store has been a mainstay in the community, and one of the most valued businesses in the Prairie Village, KS, suburb. ScriptPro is proud to provide all of their automation needs.

Over the past 16 years since adding the SP 200 and SP Central workflow software to their pharmacy, Bruce Smith Drugs owners Bill Richmond, R.Ph., and Debbie Richmond, R.Ph., have experienced several benefits to their daily workflow process. From the very beginning, the robot took over most of the tedious counting and labeling tasks, increasing efficiency and bringing accuracy and order to the remaining dispensing process with the SP Central workflow software.

With these ScriptPro systems in place, anxiety caused by errors drastically decreased and efficiency significantly increased. Debbie notes,

“Our customers are happier because of our increased efficiency and accuracy. They’re more at ease because they know their medications go through the safety checks in SP Central and their wait times are down. I used to drive home at night and wonder, ‘Did I make a mistake today while we were really busy?’—with ScriptPro technology that nagging doubt is gone.”

Another key benefit is that Debbie has been able to keep staffing the same. She says,

“We haven’t had to hire more people because our staff is more efficient with our robot and workflow software in place.”

According to Debbie, in the pharmacy industry, margins on prescriptions are being squeezed. ScriptPro has helped them keep dispensing costs down and reduced operating costs. They have remained profitable by cutting down on their workload and freeing up time for other activities, such as compounding.

Debbie also notes that the biggest advantage for pharmacists using the SP Central workflow software with their SP Station is that every prescription is scanned. She says,

“When I am juggling two or three things at a time, SP Central provides verification that I am dispensing the right product all the time. Paperless tracking of 100% of our prescriptions with the SP Checkpoint has organized our pharmacy and reduced the stress level. When a customer comes in, we don’t have five people looking around the pharmacy for the prescription any more. Our ScriptPro workflow software tells us exactly where the prescription is located, whether it’s in Will Call or somewhere else in the pharmacy.”