Shout Out to ScriptPro Customer Children’s Mercy Hospital for Best Practice Award

Shout Out to ScriptPro Customer Children’s Mercy Hospital for Best Practice Award

Meds-to-Beds program recognized by state pharmacy association

Children’s Mercy’s Department of Pharmacy is the 2016 winner of the Best Practice Award from the Missouri Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP). The award was earned based on a submission describing the Meds-to-Beds Dispensing Program in the Adele Hall retail pharmacy.

The CMH&C Meds-to-Beds program, established in late 2014, involves delivery of discharge medications to an inpatient’s room, followed by discharge medication counseling by a pharmacist or pharmacy intern. Family and staff are pleased with the program, which provides pharmacists the time and privacy to conduct meaningful education sessions with patients. The program is currently in place on several hospital units, and will roll out to additional areas this summer.

Per MSHP, the Best Practice Award recognizes innovation and outstanding performance in a pharmacy-directed initiative. Congratulations to Children’s Mercy! Chip Bruce, R.Ph. at Children’s Mercy Hospital says,

“We were honored to be selected for the Meds-to-Beds Best Practice Award. The program should be fully implemented by July 1 and we are looking for additional ways to integrate the system to make it more compatible with ScriptPro – including adding more interfaces.”

Chip notes that patient safety is huge to them and the safest way to communicate with patients is using the Meds-to-Beds method—enabling a better transition of care experience. CMH&C is excited and ready to come up with more innovative projects in the future!