Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies to Ensure Clean 340B Audit

Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies to Ensure Clean 340B Audit

Embracing emerging technologies in pharmacy is the highlight of the “Pharmacy Technology Report,” a newly launched supplement of Pharmacy Practice News. The Report focuses on best practices in automation, informatics, and patient safety. One particularly hot topic in the industry right now is the 340B drug discount program and how to best manage it on the provider level.

PPN interviewed the University of Kansas Hospital and ScriptPro—getting the unique perspectives from both a healthcare provider and an automation vendor on managing 340B programs and tools needed to navigate HRSA audits.

During KU’s HRSA audit of its 340B program, much documentation was requested, including spreadsheet listings, third party payer details, reports, and more. According to the Report,

“With [ScriptPro’s] 340B software, planning was easier and the hospital came through the process without any citations.” ScriptPro’s Bernie Knutsen notes that “340B audits are scary because the fallout from a failed audit can be very serious. … [With ScriptPro’s 340B Management Package], once the organization sets the rules for prescription eligibility, [our] program takes care of the rest.”

KU’s ability to embrace emerging technologies and software systems helped it avoid trouble on the audit trail. Read the full article here.