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  • ScriptPro Interfaces Support Pharmacy Compliance with Regulated Drugs

  • By ScriptPro
    April 17, 2020

    ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management System customers reap the benefits of streamlined interfaces with Appriss Health – to better evaluate and intervene on behalf of patients, as well as automate compliance.

    ScriptPro is invested in all aspects of the pharmacy industry and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and their patients. In answer to controlled substances compliance challenges, ScriptPro interfaces with Appriss Health – offering unique prescription and OTC drug monitoring solutions that are accessible right from a pharmacy workstation.

    PMP Gateway
    PMP Gateway gives your pharmacy access to prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data within your daily workflow – increasing utilization of PDMP data at the point of pharmacy care.

    NarxCare analyzes PDMP data and a patient’s health history, providing patient risk scores and usage patterns to help identify risk factors. Pharmacists can base decisions on objective insight into potential drug misuse or abuse, ultimately leading to improved patient safety.

    PMP AWARxE helps identify, anticipate, and manage improper prescribing and dispensing for controlled substances. It provides state government agencies with accurate, in-time data that helps end users such as pharmacies make better informed decisions and intervene more quickly.

    The National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) is a real-time electronic logging and compliance system that tracks sales of over-the-counter (OTC) cold and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE). It is available at no cost to ScriptPro Interfaces with Appriss Healthpharmacies and retailers in states that have passed electronic tracking legislation.

    MethCheck helps pharmacies electronically track and manage sales of OTC medications containing PSE. It is instrumental in helping track an estimated 80% of PSE transactions, nationwide.

    These valuable solutions help pharmacies eliminate the need to maintain cumbersome manual logs to document sales of OTC products, streamline transactions, and help block sales that exceed state or local PSE limits. Pharmacists gain better insight into controlled substance monitoring and can ensure they meet compliance standards – all while supporting patients through early intervention.

    ScriptPro customers interested in the Appriss Health interfaces for their SP Central Pharmacy Management system can contact  ScriptPro Customer Service to get started today!

    If you’re interested in changing over to the most comprehensive and integrated pharmacy management software in the industry today, discover ScriptPro.